Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Okay, so last Friday we got transfer calls. Both Elder Sewell and I are moving, but we are still going to be together, in Meridian. We just got kicked out of our house is all so we moved to a different apartment. There is a rule in our old apartment complex that says that we cannot have more then four people living in one place. The Boise elders are now in a three some, because they have an elder who is going to Chile, but is here for the time being for medical reasons. We are still very close to the mission office so feel free to send any and all packages and letters to the office, we stop by there often.

This week has been a great week. We have taught the highest number of lessons for this transfer, which is good because we wanted to end with a bang. On Sunday they called a branch mission leader, which we have been asking for since we got here pretty much. He is super excited to work with us. He is an American who went through some rebellious years and didn't serve a mission. He lived in Texas, 2 miles from the Mexican border, learned a little bit of spanish and met a nice girl. Then they got married and he baptized her and her mom as well. He has said since he got married that his mission is with the spanish people, so he is really excited to work with us. After sacrament meeting he came up to us and asked us,"okay what do I do?" we are very happy to have someone who is as willing as he is.

So it seems to be a weekly happening now. Last night we got another group of visa waiters in. We got our first one that isn't from Utah. We have met around 15 elders who have come for their visas and all, except for this one, have been from Utah. The special one is from Blackfoot Idaho. We really enjoy having them over. It also helps with the work because when we are just two missionaries we cannot visit single ladies unless we bring some one with us, but with the extra elders we can walk into any door we feel like, if we are invited in...

Not much more then that is going on. We are getting moved in and today we are going to be doing our Christmas shopping, but I am pretty sure that I am not going to be buying anything, but Elder Sewell will be getting some things. Later tonight we are going to be eating dinner with the famous Mendez family. Every spanish missionary on this half of the mission knows them and have permission to go over to their house, if they have the miles. but they live in our area so it is great for us.

I will be checking the office often to pick up all of the wonderful presents I know you are all going to get me, I like all colors of ties...and anything food related...

Thank you for all your support and prayers! Always to remember to keep on keeping on, like it says in Mosiah 2:41

Elder Paxton

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