Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy December!

Well, it has been one busy week of Holiday concerts and activities this week at the Paxton house and as you can see from Chris's email below, I was so busy I forgot on Monday night after my concert what day it was and that I needed to email Chris. I hope when he finds out I didn't die that he will forgive me!

From Elder Paxton -

It was super sad to find out that mom has died, I mean that must be what happened, I didn't get an email from her so she must not be alive.

I guess I will go on with what happened this week though. Last Wednesday we got a couple more visa waiters. They were going to Mexico City Northwest Mission, and they needed to talk to the Mexican consulate. I guess they send them all to Boise because the church has a good relationship with the consulate or something, and we get to hang with them because we live two miles away from the office. We always have some good times when we have them. This go around was like a family reunion. One of the elders knew Elder Vazquez (our district leader and roommate) from back home, and the other elder that was hanging out with us knew elder Sewell from BYU. So far all of them that have come have been from Utah. Maybe one day we will get some from Arizona. We thought that we were going to be lucky and have them for a few days longer because the servers at the consulate were down so they couldn't do anything. Then on Friday the consulate got their servers running on a generator and everyone got their visa. We thought that they would probably be with us until Monday, but bright and early on Saturday morning, at 5:15, they had to be at the office to go to the airport.

We are really loving the weather. last week it snowed for two days straight and put 9 inches of snow on our back porch, and a lot of snow all over the road. Our leaders told us to stay home, at least until the roads were cleaned. Elder sewell got sick and barely left his bed the whole day, so it was good timing for us. I wish it would keep snowing, it has warmed up a little bit and it has been raining so the snow is trying to run away and ruin my hopes for a white Christmas. I am really feeling like this year will be the year for my first white Christmas (going on vacation and seeing snow doesn't count). We also have a "real" tree this year. it is a fake one but it is about 4 feet tall and beats the one that I had last year (maybe two feet that stood on our table). so if you would send all the presents soon so we can have under our tree loaded up with presents to open on Christmas day.

The work is slowly picking up. We are also trying to include the members more by teaching them the message of the restoration, and by giving them the pamphlet that goes with it so they can share it with their friends. We have given a bunch out and now we need to follow up with everyone to make sure that they know that we are serious about working. We are trying to visit a lot of people, but we have mostly been visiting closed doors, so we need the help of the members to get us passed the closed doors and that is when we work our magic and lead the horse to the water and hope and pray they they jump in. If you know anyone in the 8 stakes that we cover(meridian, meridian north, south, east, west, meridian paramount, meridian amity and eagle stakes) please give them our number(208)794-4476 we are available just about all day everyday and we would love to visit with them.

Today we are going to be running a bunch of errands. We have to go shopping for us, and for others. We are going to get some nativities and add to a 12 days of christmas thing for some people. We are thinking our neighbor down stairs, because we make a lot of noise sometimes and it isn't exactly pleasant when you are trying to sleep and it sounds like the roof is going to cave in, but we'll see. We are also going to go to Cabelas to party, it should be a fun and busy day for us. We also have a teaching appointment at 5:30 and we are hoping to set a baptismal date with him. Wish us luck!!!!

Elder Paxton

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