Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Great phone call!

We got to talk to Elder Paxton on Christmas day and it was great. We talked for about an hour. He sounded great! When Nicole asked him about if he knew when he would be coming home he said "when it has been 2 years!" She asked him if he thought he would come home a few weeks early since it would be so close to the start of the school semester and he said "if I serve 1 year and 364 days I will feel gypped" I guess that means he is not trunky or wanting to come home anytime soon!

Elder Paxton and Elder Sewell had permission from their president to go and visit family on Christmas day for about an hour. They first went to Aunt Lori's house and Grandma and Grandpa DeMond were there. They had a nice visit.
I wish I could have been a fly on the wall! Then they went to Elder Sewell's uncle's house.

His email this week was very short. Elder Paxton is sick.

Here is his email...

So this week has gotten off to a rough start. Yesterday I got sick and threw up at a members home. We went over there for lunch and I hadn't eaten all day so when I ate a little bit I just felt super sick. I went into the back room and took a little two hour nap. When I woke up I was okay for a little while but then I went to the bathroom just in time to blow chunks. So today I am still feeling a little sickly, which stinks because we, well all of the other missionaries, are playing soccer.
That's okay though. There will be other opportunities. Not very much has happened this past week. On Wednesday we had a mission Christmas activity. Friday we just visited a few people, and started to eat our brains out. Saturday we went to visit our families, which was pretty fun. It was nice to meet Elder Sewell's family. They are super fun.
Sorry this letter is so short I am kind of feeling a little brain dead and can't really think of what else to write.
Elder Paxton

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