Friday, July 9, 2010

New Pictures!

Chris finally sent his camera card. Here are several pictures of people and places in Wendell...

Home Sweet Home in Wendell

Wendell Library


Elder Sandstrom (1st comp in Wendell)

Elder Wright (on left, 2nd comp in Wendell)

New Mission President (Pres and Sis Cannon)

Investigator family

1st Baptism

The next few pictures are of some interesting sights and activities in Wendell

Heart shaped potato (only in Idaho!)

Building the bonfire

The Bonfire

After the fire

My shoes could use a shine!

Dirty Shoes, but we have a clean car!

Members daughters' car in the canal

Love the sign!

A couple videos of Elder (vet) Paxton at work with the animals

No cows don't like cookies...

I hope you enjoyed the photos...Of course, Mom did!

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