Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Its a small world after all...(most annoying song ever)‏

So last night we were at our dinner appointment, with Lon Egbert and his family, and they were asking were we are from. So I tell them Tempe and they ask what part. I saw that they were married in the Mesa Temple. I tell them on Price and Southern, they tell me that they lived on Price and Broadway, and that he was the Elders Quorum president under Bishop Randall. They remembered mom and dad, mom because you gave him a buddy pass once, and dad because he knew you were always moving dealerships. We were talking about all the ward members that they could remember it was really funny, they even had pictures from the 8th ward camp out. I didn't remember them but they remember enough people to where I was convinced that they weren't making it up. They left the ward in 1998 and were there for around 3 years I think.

Last Wednesday we had our first interviews with the president and I really enjoyed it. He is trying so hard to get to know all of us as fast as he can. He is really really good at remembering names, it almost like we have a name tag on...oh wait. We also got to watch some of the District 2. They are training videos from Preach my Gospel and these just came out. The first one was set in San Antonio and it was a little unreal, for how missionary work went, and the other one is in San Diego, and seems a lot more real and believable.

Beyond that there really isn't much else going on. We did go to the temple today and I listened to the session in Spanish, it was really interesting. I had to pay way more attention and it helped me stay awake. I was really happy with how much I could understand. They use language kind of like the scriptures, using a lot of the vosotros form, but I still understood almost all of it.

Today we went to the Shoshone Falls with our zone and had fun hiking around.
(Here is a picture from the internet of Shoshone Falls for those who have not seen them, maybe Chris will send pictures that he actually took)

I didn't get any packages from anyone. Our AP's aren't really that good at bringing packages to interviews like they are supposed to. Hopefully I will get it soon.

We have to get going now, we have house checks pretty soon.

Elder Paxton

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