Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not a lot of time!

We don't have a lot of time today because we had a super fun zone activity. We went down to Melba to a really cool family's house (one elder was serving in the Kuna area and met them). We played basketball then ate some hamburgers, then played some volleyball. Then to cool off, we played a game with their hose, and then some two hand touch football in the "rain." We were slipping and sliding around it was hard to even try to play football.

We still have the date with Marco, but we might have to move it back due to him being with his girlfriend and also we can't find him. Hopefully we will be able to find him and teach him. Mike is also going well and we have an appointment with him tonight, we are going to keep teaching him and we imagine that his dad will tell us when his baptism will be. I think they are still working out some legal issues but he should be good to go here pretty soon.

I am still not sure if I will be able to talk on the 9th, partially because I talked with President yesterday and he said that I already have a plane ticket, but he didn't tell me for when. I don't know if the mission has plans already made for me. If you want you can call them and ask.

(I called the office today and they have him scheduled to fly home on Thursday the 6th, but we will be changing that flight so that we can go pick him up and visit some places in Elder Paxton's mission. I will let everyone know when we have his return home date figured out)

So sorry this letter is so short but we got a little over zealous with our zone activity. I hope that your recovery coninues to go well and that you will at least be ready to run all over Idaho shortly after general conference.

Elder Paxton.

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