Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Email and pictures on the same day!

Dear Family,

This week we had some pretty good success. Unfortunately, we are going to have to move back our baptismal date for this weekend but he is still very excited to be baptized. We are going to continue to work with him and his father to help them get ready for their baptism, that should happen the weekend after General Conference.

We are having a lot of fun and are trying to work our hardest. Yesterday we didn't really have very much going on so we went tracting and street contacting for over 3 hours in non-stop rain. We really had a good time, even though the circumstances weren't ideal. Then we had two lessons after our dinner appointment, both of which went very well.

Not much exciting happened this week. Just good old fashion missionary work. I am very grateful to be serving in this area and I hope that we will start to see some families get baptized. But if not I am still happy to be able to serve here. Sorry this letter is so short, there just isn't a whole lot to report on. Just know that I am happy and that life is good.


Elder Paxton

Elder Paxton sent some pictures home today too. Here are some of them...

Home Sweet Home...

My closet (should I wear a white shirt or a white shirt?)

Ahhh so many Choices! (a missionary can never have too many ties!)

The Scenery

Yes, that is a forklift driving down the middle of the road!

Really? An antler hanging from the light?

My bike after a muddy morning ride

Some of our investigators

My 2 sons Elder Munoz and Elder Cottam

Maybe I worked my son a little too hard...
Which way should we go Elder?

The Twin Falls Temple

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