Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"CPS" took my son!

Hello Mother, Hello Father,

So I was told that Elder Muñoz was going to be with Elder Cottam and I for at least 6 weeks, but yesterday President called us and told us that today he has an appointment with the Consulate and that he is leaving tomorrow. So yesterday CPS (the AP's) came and stole my son from me. It was pretty sad to leave especially since we had a lot of fun things planned for today and for the rest of the transfer, but the Lord needs him in Villa Hermosa, Mexico.

I heard of the "new" aquarium in Arizona mills, my zoo friends told me about it I think some of them still work there. You didn't happen to see if I knew any of them did you? I do miss the zoo a lot and wish that I could go play with the stingrays again.

We are planning on having a couple of baptisms at the end of this month and the start of next month. We were supposed to have one this past Saturday, but his "wife" needs to get divorced and then they can get married and then baptized. This Saturday we have a baptismal date and it will probably have to be pushed back because I think she had her baby two and a half months early. One of our other baptismal dates will need to be pushed back because he hasn't gotten over smoking yet, but we know that he will get over it soon. We have another date for the 6th of April and we feel really good about it, as long as he comes to church for the next few weeks.

I didn't get to enjoy another hour of sleep on Sunday because in Spring you go forward and lose an hour of sleep, so I am still adjusting to the dumb (waste of) time change. I wish everyone would be smart like Arizona and not change the time. Especially since in the summer the days are naturally longer and I don't know any farmer that is working consistently until almost nine even during daylight savings. That is really the only criticism about Idaho. I was thinking about boycotting the time change, but that would probably waste a lot of time and we don't want to do that as a missionary.

I enjoyed your extremely mom comment, asking if I had enough clothes and socks and what not. I might want a new white shirt or two for going home but right now there is no sense in getting some because I still have a summer up here and it will probably turn my shirts yellow from sweat anyways, so we will hold off on getting clothes for now.

I hope all is well in Arizona.
Elder Paxton

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