Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Ready to go and Do what we are commanded..."

Hola Amigos, Hello My Friends,

Sorry the last email have kind of been short but today's should be better. We have already done just about everything that we need to to for the day so we have a little bit of time.
This last week was another great week for Elder Sewell and I. We were able to teach 12 lessons and have found 3 new investigators who want to learn more about the gospel. One of the best things was that we got to help one of our investigators not get kicked out of her apartment. She is a dog lover and isn't allowed to have one, the management found out and told her that she had 3 days to get rid of the dog and all signs, or get out.

Another great experience of this past week is that we had Maria, our investigator who is going to be baptized this saturday, go to a baptism that was in Nampa. She really loved the whole program and is really excited for this saturday. The only bad thing is that she is a little afraid of water, and it didn't help that the brother that got baptized had to be baptized 3 times in order to get it completely right. We made sure that she knew that it was because he is really tall and we told her that it will be okay. She told us that she will have to practice so that everything goes well.

Elder Sewell and I are excited to hear what is going to happen with this next transfer. I am super grateful for this last two transfers, they have been two of the best of my mission. I know that what ever happens is what the lord wants and we are ready to go and do what we are commanded. President Cannon has pretty much guaranteed that one of us is going to be leaving. President also told me that what ever happens to me I will still be senior companion. I have got the feeling that I am going to be leaving the area. I really hope that I get to stay close to this area.

I am super grateful for all of the support that I receive from everyone. Speaking of support I got all of the medical cards and I am planning on using the visa for all sorts of "medical expenses", does making my stomach feel better by buying food count? haha just kidding, hopefully I wont need to hardly use it.

I sent my camera card home with the prescription receipts and everything, and I am planning on taking a lot of pictures at our baptism so I may need the card back soon so I can send you pictures. I hope you have all been enjoying the pictures, and hopefully they are not too confusing, if not you will have to wait for a while in order to hear what is going on in each picture.

Today we played basketball for a good little while at the mission office, and in one of our games out of the 15 points I scored 6. I was dropping everything that I put up. I made two 3's(which counted for two points) and two 360 windmill between the legs air jordan status, normal nothing special shots. I had almost all of the first points for our team. needless to say we won that game. and thankfully it was the last so I could end on a high note.

That is about all for this week. TUNE IN FOR NEXT WEEK'S EPISODE OF ELDER PAXTON'S MISSION. Will he be staying in Meridian or will he be off to face another area in the great Idaho Boise Mission. YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE!!!!!!!!


Elder Paxton

Here are some of the pictures that Elder Paxton sent...

Winter in Boise

The day the President told us not to drive!

9 inches on our deck

I love snow!

Christmas 2010 - Our apartment decorations

Elder Sewell

Our Tree
Our District
Having fun!
Hunting anyone?
Happy meals make me happy!
Another Idaho sunset...

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