Friday, October 16, 2009

Week 3

This week has gone by so quickly. Estoy aprendando
muchisimo espanol, I think that's right. I am really
enjoying all of my classes. one of my teachers
is totally intense and we learn a lot and the other
is totally laid back but we still get a lot done.
I am so excited to be able to speak very good
spanish, I know it wont be for some time but it
will be so good. I am trying to speak as much as
possible. Just today I had my first conversation
completely in spanish. This guy asked how I was
doing and I said bien and then I asked him and he
said bien. It was amazing (not really).

Trevor, did you ever have Elder Bednar speak in
the tuesday night devotionals? I think it was in
2005 so it was probably before your time. it was
a really good talk on becoming a missionary. He
gave 3 principles on how to be a better missionary
and such.

I'm sad that Elder Erickson is leaving to go to
lima peru next wednesday. I think I am going to
be put into a 3 some. Hopefully with the two guys
I am rooming with, that way I dont have to move
all of my stuff.

So in case you didn't know it is a real small world.
Brother Shumway's brother is my presidente and one
of my room mates is from Canada and is totally
awesome and my other roomate is from Colorado
but he is going to Tempe. So you will all have to
look out for a shorter guy named Elder Tate.

Dad; the spirit is so strong here it is amazing!

Well my time is running up soon and I am tired of
typing so I shall say so long to you all,
until next Friday....

Elder Paxton

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