Friday, October 16, 2009

Week 2 (actually 1.5)

Well, there was a little delay in the 2nd week email and
posting. I ended up getting 2 emails today I am not sure
what happened last week. It was great to hear from Elder

Momma P

Hola everyone,

This week has been going very well. Today I got to go to
the temple which is always so wonderful. I look forward
to going every week. I love going to the temple. The other
day I was in the call center, where people call and ask
for free stuff,bibles, copies of the Book of Mormon and
other dvds, and I called this woman to see if she had
received her bible that she ordered and she said that
she hadn't and that she was really surprised that we, the
church, called her back. so i told her that I would send
her another one no problem. When I said that she called
me a God send and that made me feel really good, even
though I didn't really do anything except click some
buttons on the computer. I wanted to share more about
the church and possibly send the missionaries to her
house but she said that she had to go to sleep to get
up for work early the next day.

I still haven't gotten used to the fact that I look like
a missionary. Like when I go into the lunch room I
look out and see a whole bunch of elders and I forget
that I look exactly like the rest of them. or when
people call me elder in my mind I think my name is
Chris not Elder. Maybe one day I'll get used to it.

I'm really getting along well with my companions
and everyone else in my district. I am a little
sad though because my comp is leaving in two weeks
to go to the MTC in peru, so I think I am going to
be in a three some maybe. but i like everyone in
our district so what ever happens will be fun times.

General conference was so amazing. Probably because
I was forced to stay awake by sitting in a really hard
uncomfortable chair for forever. Also I took so many
notes. I think my favorite talk was president Eyrings
talk during priesthood session. I liked it a lot
because the night before I consecrated oil for the
first time, so it was very personal to me. Also who
couldn't have liked Elder Holland's bomb of a talk.

Can you and Jeanette have peolpe write me? I like
getting mail. Tell them all about dear elder, it so much
easier. I don't know if I can send pictures home through
email, basically everything is blocked on the computers
and I can only email or write letters on p day.

Another great thing about p days is something called
personal time. which means we can do anything we
want, with our comp which to me means nap time so
I'm planning on every friday from 10-11 I will be taking
a very wonderful and much need nap.

Love you all,

Elder Paxton

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